Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015: The year of broken glass

I planted some grass seed in October. I thought it had a couple of weeks to sprout and get a start before we had a solid freeze. But here we are, more than two months later, and today is a perfect growing day for grass!

Walking outside today, it's cloudy, and raining, and the temp is mild. I'm in a sweater, and its the end of December! No way I thought things would happen this way, but it is what it is. Come January, or maybe February, we will get slammed. I have no doubt.

But off the current surprise of the weather, I titled this post "The Year of Broken Glass". And, that is what 2015 was. Pyrex casseroles, bowls, all that. It seemed like we lost one or two a month! I didn't actually count, you know, because its not something I keep records of! But we sure swept up bits and pieces, and then vacuumed for splinters, more than once! Not to mention mopping when were done with all that, to make sure we had all the tiny sharp bits!

I don't know what it was, or why. We've gone years and years with these same pieces, and never broke a thing. All of a sudden, one drops on the floor and shatters. Another drops into the sink (a SHORT fall!), and absolutely explodes into bits! Then we take another out of the oven and it explodes. Open a cupboard, take out a round casserole and lid, drop the lid? Boom, smash! Put a nesting bowl in the fridge, then open the fridge, and the bowl jumps out and falls on the floor. Boom, smash! We lost half of our nesting bowl sets, and more than half of our casserole dishes. We lost the glass stovetop.

Had to replace the stovetop, of course, since you can't cook on a glass stovetop stove without the glass top!

Coincidence, surely. Glad that we got all thru this year without a serious splinter event!

Getting a few Christmas family newsletters, the title "The Year of Broken Glass" popped into my head. Great title! Now I only need to write a novel to back it up!

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