Monday, January 5, 2009

Massachusetts weather

The winter weather in Massachusetts is, without a doubt, highly variable. And that description takes all the color out of going from weather that has snow like upper Michigan, to temperatures colder than where I was working in Siberia, to ice storms like the mid-south (U.S.), changing to temperatures more like winter temperatures where we used to live in central coastal California! We've just had a week of temperatures with several nights going down to 7-9 (-14 to -13 C). The daytime temps only got to the high teens (-9 to -7 C). It finally broke, and temps came back up to closer to freezing, in the mid-20's, which felt positively warm by comparison.

We started the winter with a significant ice storm, unusual in this area. Many trees were down, electricity failed, roads were treacherous. Fortunately, the ice started melting the very next day, although it took about a week with temperatures going above freezing during the day to get rid of most of the ice. What a mess that left behind! Limbs down all over.
A week or so later, the temperatures sank below freezing, and we got snow. In very close order, two major snowstorms came through, leaving close to 2 feet (60cm) of snow behind. That lasted a week or two, and then the weather turned warmer again. Temperatures rose above freezing, reaching as high as 50 or 60 one day (12 or 15C)!

Immediately following that warm spell, which had cleared the roads and the roofs nicely, the cold returned, this time with strength! Accompanied by snow and high winds, the temperatures dropped until it was colder here than in Kurgan, near were I worked in Siberia! For several days the temps went down to 7-9, (-14 to -12C), and days only got to the high teens (-9 to -7C)! There wasn't as much snow this time, but enough to cover the ground. Slowly the temps rose back to the mid 20's and 30's.

The nice thing about the cold temps is that I can actually get my cold weather gear - like my Russian hats - out and wear them! The Russian hats are just too warm when the temp is closer to freezing. My fur hat is too warm above about 15 (-9C), the sheephide is too warm above about 20 (-7C). It got cold enough to wear my down coat, too.

It's just amazing, though. I've never lived anywhere else that was so highly changeable! Kind of nice, in a way. Get a spot of winter, take a break. Get another spot of winter, take a break!

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