Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bringing it all back home

Closing up one loose thread -- we still had stuff in storage in Memphis, ten years after we left. So I finally brought it home. Flew down on Wednesday, stayed the night with Fred and Judy - had a MARVELOUS time talking with them. Their son Peter was there, also, and doing well. Thursday morning we got an early start - but a bit later than planned, forgot a key, and had to backtrack a bit.

Sean picked me up at Fred and Judy's, and we were out of the truck rental place by half-past 8. The storage unit was 5 minutes away, and we were loading before 9. It was just Sean and myself, but we got the loading done by just after noon.

I found a Mexican restaurant, got 2 burritos to go. Went to a grocery and got a twelve pack of Lipton tea drinks, and a couple other items, and I was off. I covered 550 miles that day (Thursday), which put me in Wytheville, VA. I had said I was only hoping to clear TN by end-of-day on Thursday, so that was better.

My initial predictions were that a best possible case was 2 days driving - but the distance is about 1300 miles, so the time for driving would be about 26 hours. Tough to do in 2 days, so I was predicting 3-4. I had also figured I might sleep in the truck, but the truck cab didn't have a bench seat, so that idea was a no-go.

But, late on Thursday, I was still doing well, and not tired. Fatigue, for me, usually manifests in my eyes. They will want to close when I'm too tired. I was fine, with very little fatigue, but it got late, and I figured a good sleep was better than trying to go straight thru.

As I turned off the truck, the engine alert light came on. I figured screw that for the night - and called in the morning. Since it was only the "check engine" light - the renter said to continue, and not worry, unless the truck showed performance problems - which it hadn't.

Voom, Friday, and I was on the road by 8. It was hot out. Traffic was moderate all the way so far, and continued so. Some brief backups when I got to the WashDC, NYC areas. I stayed inland, not going thru NYC. Cost 100 miles, but saved at least 2 hours.

By evening, I was thinking I might be close by "quitting time", whenever that was. Energy levels maintained, tho, with some generous help from the Starbucks factor. By late evening, I was looking at arriving in Harvard around midnight.

Which is what I did. Got here shortly after midnight, maybe half past. Dogs were glad to see me. Sprocket the cat was too. We parked the truck, and went inside.

I was too wired from driving - couldn't sleep, and I had an interesting book to read: "Who Fears Death". So I quit reading, and slept, about 3 AM.

1325 miles (approx)
22 hours driving, 7 hours parked (doesn't count overnite)
Average moving mph = 60.1
Avg Mpg = 10.9
Avg gas $$per gallon = 2.57

That was easy! [Lucky, lucky me!]