Monday, October 18, 2010

Glorious fall colors

We have just had a spectacular and glorious fall color display. The peak was yesterday and the day before. It is amazing to me, how the colors can slowly build up, and then, so suddenly, every tree is riotous in color. The leaves begin to fade the very next day. It was a perfect season for it this year. We've had plenty of rainy days lately, which I understand helps the color, and now, when the color is peaking, it has been blue skies and cool weather. I took a few pictures of the dogs, on part of our usual run path, but they are VERY bad pictures. Phone camera - you know. They are here anyway, just so you can take a look. You can even judge the rapid progression of the colors from these photos. They were shot from almost the same spot. The first one, with Klinger only, was shot 4 or 5 days ago. The second one, with Klinger and Sara, was shot today. Yesterday the colors were even brighter than today.

Hope you are having a great fall season.

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