Monday, June 4, 2012

Two tiny, but significant, lessons on willpower

Below is a link to an article with two golden thoughts that are worth spreading and learning. I ran across it looking for something else, and I know I will include this knowledge in how I approach willpower and the cultivation thereof.

The golden thoughts are:
1: Willpower is affected by the nutrient state of our body.
2: Willpower is limited, and can best be utilized by pursuing a course of artful distraction.

My parents and my family taught me to "just be tough, just do it, and be strong". Ok, but I might be more successful being strong, not by focusing on being strong, by going and doing something to distract myself from the need for that kind of rigid strength. Also, a little sip of cider or juice will help me resist impulses to indulge in bad habits.

This would be why the diet advisors who say to eat a little, frequently, are giving good advice. This would be why a little fruit juice can help resist the urge to have a beer! :D

This would be why trying to force myself to sit down and do something can be excruciatingly painful, while performing the same work within a workplace, where a little social repartee exists, can be easy. Of course, sometimes distractions can be overdone! So, finding the balance is always the key!

What could be more zen?

The link is actually a book review, but the review focuses on these two thoughts beautifully.

The science of self control  (this was originally a link, which is now bad. I believe that it was a link to a review of the book, "The Science of Self Control", author Howard Rachlin)

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