Saturday, January 5, 2013

The perfect days of winter

We are in the perfect days of winter. There is no time, in my mind, when winter is more beautiful.

A few days ago, we had a perfect snow. We got 6-8 inches of powdery, dry, fluffy, beautiful white stuff. Enough to cover everything in beautiful, pristine, white. But dry and powdery enough so that clearing the driveway in the morning was not super hard. We got the beautiful looks, but not so much work.

Add to that, we are in the days when we can see the daylight growing. Equinox was way back on Dec 21 or 22. We get a little more daylight every day. We have had about 50% sunny days, so I notice, very much, the longer days.

Additionally, the temps have been low enough to freeze the ponds, and keep the snow on the ground, but not so cold that it is a life threatening exercise to walk down the street. We've gotten some wind, which has added to the beauty of the winter. We don't have much snow, but it is cold enough that what snow we have is blowing and drifting with the wind.

Since we don't have so much, what we do have can be packed easily. The dogs and I went to a local trailhead today, and the trails were all packed for walking. Lovely!

Like I said: the MOST beautiful days of winter. Some sun, some snow, days getting longers, temps tolerable - not severe. Lovely!

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