Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wow - a little economic clarity!

A little economic clarity, in these circumstances, is a better fright show than any "Halloween, episode gazillionth".


This episode (following link) of "This American Life" was absolutely illuminating. When I was in college, I would rank my teachers, and/or classes, on how many minutes of gold nuggets were found in one hour. Two minutes was an acceptable class. Twenty minutes was downright beyond belief. The show below has 40 minutes worth of gold. It doesn't have all of the understanding I've gained recently, but it sure adds a lot! This is well worth our time. Rated (by me) MUST LISTEN!

For those of you who want to dive more deeply, check out these blogs and the pages referred:

IMHO, this is the best, most even-handed, and easiest to understand:

This guy talks in circles, but when you untangle the mess, I find an intelligent and rational mind, and clear thinking:

This one is far to the economic right, but I know there is one person in my address list who is of the same mind-set. They are intelligent and rational, but I believe some of the assumptions are misguided, and some realities are ignored. However, because they are thinking, and thinking rationally, they are still very useful to help understand the economic picture, if you feel like doing a really deep dive.

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