Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cavendish - cycling's new king?

Mark Cavendish just won the Milan-San Remo in absolutely dominant sprint style. We've seen some young and impressive cyclists come up, thinking they might be among the next royalty. You may remember Voelckler, and his year in yellow at the TdF? Or Contador two years ago? Cavendish is sprinting right to the top. Last Saturday he showed us he was more than a one year phenom, winning the Milan-San Remo in a style so dominant it is crushing the opponents!
This was a classics race - one we really didn't expect him to win. A couple of sharp climbs usually weed out the less-experienced and pure sprinters. However, Cav is now getting coaching from the greatest sprinter of all time - Zabel. Erik Zabel has now officially retired, and now he is sharing his experience and knowledge with young Cavendish. It paid off.
Cav's humility and genuinely nice demeanor make him popular with the press, and with the fans. As a Brit, Americans still relate to his stardom. Lance's return to racing this year will also get the American audience. That audience will get to see Mark Cavendish. I think we are seeing a star who may well be as big a star as Lance.

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