Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter strikes again

Wow. Another 12 inches of fine powder snow, beautiful and virgin. More temps down to 11 F. Hooaa. And this is March! What a winter!

I've kinda been watching the weather in Moscow too, just out of curiousity. I noticed a couple of months back it seemed like we were doing about the same, temp-wise, all along! So I downloaded some temperatures for this winter, and made the graphs you see here. Guess what? We win - we were colder than Moscow! But Michigan's upper peninsula was colder still! And, you can see quite vividly that we had the most variation here. We were, on average, colder, but quite a few days were MUCH warmer.

Just this past weekend, it was springlike, and the windows and doors went open. Fresh air flowed through the buildings and houses. The snow melted, and melted, and melted, leaving heaps in the parking lots and roadsides, looking like piles of dead bodies at night, and plain old dirty heaps in the daylight.

So I cut and split a fair amount of the pine left in our yard by last fall's ice storm over the weekend. Now, all that is covered, again, in a pure white carpet of fine, powdery snow. Ain't we got fun?

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